Field Walking Event

Do you have an interest in the archaeology of Gower?

Do you have a keen eye for finds? 

Would you like to be involved in a field walking event in Scurlage?

Then we have the event for you!

Across the 27th – 28th February, we are going to be holding a field walking event at Monskland Farm, Scuralge, looking for finds like flint tools, pottery and coins.

The farm has produced a multitude of finds including  flint tools, such as arrowheads, knives, scrapers, cores, blades, flakes and Mesolithic microliths.

The event is going to be held at Monskland Farm, Scuralge, Gower, details of a meetup point will be posted later in the week.

Please bring warm, waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.

If you would like to be part of this fantastic event, please  contact us at or 01792 634234 to sign up. 

Picture 003

Pilgrims Badge


Flint Knife


Barbed and Tanged Arrowhead


Medieval Pot Base


Roman Coins

Numbers may be limited, so please let us know as soon as possible!



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