Finds Processing and Analysis

We are back!

We had a brief hiatus in the project, whilst the finds recovered from the field walking event were being washed and processed.

Our project archaeologist Sarahjayne Clements took some of the finds to Knelston Primary School (Years 4 & 5), and some of the finds to the Young Archaeologists Club (YAC) in Swansea to wash and analyse.

Last week, we had our wonderful Heritage Champions come to the office to help sort through, categorise and weigh the finds.

Good results obtained again, with further finds recovered, ranging from flints to possible medieval pottery!

Finds Processing

These finds will now be sent to the relevant finds specialists, who can interpret the finds and produce a detailed report for us to use.

We will be holding a’ Flint Presentation’ at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff, sometime in June given by Elizabeth Walker, the Principal Curator: Collections & Access / Palaeolithic & Mesolithic Archaeology, for our flint artefacts.

A final date will be given sometime later this month, so keep watching this blog for updates!


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